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Ape-Gear Jetpacks
Our latest creative product to stimulate your childs imagination is our handmade custom jetpack. Orders your now from our online store.

Custom designed children's jetpacks by Ape-Gear


  Awesome Ape-Gear Onesies

Ape-Gear is functional art designed for fashionable people -- people that won't trade fashion for function, they want them both and that is what they shall have!

What makes Ape-Gear so unique is that our designs are original, colorful, fun, but with a twist and everything is handcrafted in Austin Texas.

Ape-Gear was created by an artist who was tired of having other peoples visions, designs, or bland corporate logos all over his stuff and so with a take charge attitude, he said "hey, if they can do it, why can't I ?".


Standing behind many wonderful and innovative new-to-market products you will find an artist. An artist who dreams of not only creating new and interesting designs but of bringing these designs to the public where they can touch and feel them in an everyday environment.

John Mosteller fits perfectly into this growing group of entrepreneurs. He founded Hairless Ape Design in 1999 and officially launched his product and apparel line, Ape-Gear, in the spring of 2006.

It all started with pillows, bags, and backpacks, but slowly evolved into plushies, t-shirts, art prints, a comic book, onesies, baby bibs, burp clothes, kids shirts, a chalkboard mat and even an original Little Artist Set that comes with a crayon roll and our all original character coloring book.

Fun Little Artist Sets by Ape-Gear
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